30 years at the largest physics experiments’ side

Since its installation in Lyon in 1986, the IN2P3 Computing Center (CNRS) plays a leading role in data processing for High Energy Physics.

From the first experiments installed on the LEP at CERN to the discovery of the Higgs Boson on the LHC, from antimatter with BaBar to gravitational waves with VIRGO, CC-IN2P3 is the data center of the largest physics experiments for decades.

In 2016, CC-IN2P3 not only comforts its national position by becoming a national data center and opening its infrastructure to other research communities, but also prepares the forthcoming challenges on data processing raised by physics and astrophysics.

On October 7, 2016 we gather all our academic, institutional, and political partners, from France and abroad for a convivial event. It will also be an opportunity to recall the great scientific advances which the CC-IN2P3 contributed and think about the next great challenges that are future large experiments at CERN or in astrophysics.

Pierre-Etienne MACCHI, Director of CC-IN2P3



1986 2016